Awning Not For Yawning – Patio Covers a Good Idea

Planning a lunch with the family? Are you having people over from overseas and you want to entertain them? Do you think it’s going to rain on the day they come over? Not to worry! Install a patio cover for your home and you can entertain guests through any weather, rain or shine.

Every home owner needs the assurance that things will go according to plan no matter what lift throws at them. And this is what a patio cover will provide for those who just love entertaining people in their home. Peace of mind, at last.

Didn’t you hate it when you had people over you wanted to impress but the weather was so scorching hot that your outside brunch turned into a lunchtime cook-out? You should have had a patio cover in place and that harsh midday sun wouldn’t have spoilt the party.

Didn’t you hate it when it started storming even though it was hot and humid all day? Well, the pouring rain would not have soaked your guests or spoilt their hair had you installed a patio cover, awning or even a screen room. There are no set rules but common sense should tell you that your entertainment area should be prepared for any occasion or weather.

Installing a patio cover is one way to stop the sun and rain from ruining your day but you may be worried about it not feeling like outside anymore. Well, depending on your home and its environment, you should be able to find the right type of cover that won’t close everything up.

Better yet, these days you can even go high-tech and install a clear patio cover that can block out harmful UV rays. These are probably more expensive but the convenience is brilliant. Clear roofs with up to 98% UV protection are great for the summer months, while being equally effective during the rainy season.

These types of covers also give you the option of going completely clear allowing maximum light, 50% shade or even 75% shade for those really hot areas. Feel like you’re outside but enjoy protection from the elements at the same time. It’s win-win for everybody.

Sun rooms take it one step further and acts as a glass house, letting light in but keeping the bugs and wind out. If your place has a view, it could be a wise choice, especially for the protection from wind and sand.