Patio Covers Can Improve the Look of Your House

In the spring time a patio can really help you to enjoy the vibrant outdoors. You can organize summer parties and small picnic for your kids in the patio area. A patio gives you additional living space where guests and friends can be entertained. You can make your patio more impressive by adding attractive furniture, plants, colorful lights, rugs and paintings.

Adding a patio cover to your patio area can really be advantageous for you because these covers protect the area from the bright summer sun and rain. So, now let me tell you about some benefits of adding patio covers to your house.

1. It adds value to your house
It do not require additional space or area; in fact they really help in adding value to your home. Shade covers will give you the opportunity to spend time with your family and friends even under the blazing sun and when it is raining. Covers are very easy to install and they can really give an attractive look to your house.

2. The design and style should be considered
Before buying a shade cover you must consider the design and style. These days various home improvement stores and websites offer very good and unique patio cover designs to the customers. If you want you can even take good ideas and tips from your family and friends to create your own unique style and design.

3. High quality patio covers
High quality patio-covers are long lasting and durable and you can protect them from fading by applying good stain and sealers. If you are considering further home improvements in your house, then you can even cover your patio with glass or screen to give it the appearance of the sun room. Your patio cover would act as roof for sunroom.

4. Installing a patio cover
Installing a patio cover is not a very difficult task and you can even do it by yourself. For this construction process you need an installation kit which should include hardware, gauge stressed aluminum laminated skins, sealants, density EPS foam insulated panels, fasteners, columns and post wraps. All the written instruction about the construction process should also be provided in that kit.

5. You can hire a constructor
If you are not able install this by yourself then you can even hire a constructor for this process. An advantage of hiring a constructor is that they would provide you a life time warranty against finishing problems and leaks.

A properly built and engineered patio cover can really be a good investment for your house.

Different Designs for Patio Cover

If you are thinking of having a patio cover installed in your home, it is a good idea to seek the services of licensed and professional companies which create shade solutions. You have to remember though that you also need to help them out when it comes to the design and structure. Yes, they can give you excellent suggestions but if you want to ensure that you will be satisfied, better have an input too on how you want things done. Open communication between you and the company will make things go much faster and smoother.

Where do you start when it comes to determining the design for your patio cover? What you need to do is to familiarize yourself with the different options first. It will make the decision process much easier to handle.

Before even having the construction done, you need to have the right plan first. Decide whether you want the patio to have an enclosure or just a wide open space with roofing. You can even have it designed such that the roofing will still allow you to see the sky because the covering used is translucent. You can actually choose different materials like wood, metal, vinyl, water resistant fabric or a combination of these. Another aspect to consider is whether you want it to be free standing or permanently attached to the wall or structure.

Attached roof patio will allow you to save some money. That is because you no longer need to spend on additional posts. It is directly connected to the front wall of your home and roof. It would actually look like an extension of the house.

Awnings are also popular shade solutions that can serve as patio cover. It can be a built-in structure which is attached to the main house or a semi-portable shade which has a separate stand. You can even opt for a retractable awning which can be folded and set up easily because of the mechanism in it.

If you want a really sturdy and permanent shade, consider having rigid roofing panels installed. Vinyl and metals are used for creating this. There are a lot of different vinyl panels that you can choose from. Among the popular ones are opaque, translucent and ultraviolet protected panels.

Once you have set your preferences when it comes to the patio cover that you want for your home, make sure to discuss this with the company who will install it. Ask them if they can construct it according to your desire.

Patio Covers – Benefits of Having Patio Covers

Traditionally patios are typical American homes fixture used as an entertaining area when a family or friends come over for an informal dinner or Sunday afternoon barbecue, when it’s really nice out there. In some cases, parents sit and read on the patio while watching the kids pay in the backyard. On the other hand, some people used it as a relaxation area or for family gathering outside the house.

Now you can well imagine that it is extremely important to install patio covers as patio will be usable all the time. Just imagine that you have some very important friends at your place for informal patio dinner and weather would not cooperate. Would you be in a position to cancel that party just because you never had patio covers installed? I am sure it would be very embarrassing moment for you and you can avoid it by installing some reliable patio covers. Therefore, It would not only be helpful for you to protect your patio but it will also add to its attraction and you will be able to do so much more in your patio and have fun than when it was left exposed to the elements which is never recommended.

You can enjoy the rainy weather in your patio, play games and can party with your friends and family, if you have reliable patio covers installed. You would not believe but some people even put their computers and televisions out there in their patio to enjoy games and movies with friends and family because they know it’s all protected due to covers they have installed.

There is no doubt about the fact that well structured patio with covers can improve the overall looks of any house. You can treat it as a part of the garden or design it as an extension of hours as there are no limitations to keep it as a traditional wooden platform with couple of chairs and a table.

You can design its looks by yourself to make your patio more interesting and good-looking as you would want.As patios are mostly used for informal type of gathering, it is advisable to keep its structure wooden as it would blend well with natural environment of the backyard. On the other hand, if you are a busy person, the maintenance of wood might become difficult as the years go by, therefore you can consider alternative options for patio covers such as metal frames.

Patio Cover Ideas – Three New Ideas

Most of us have patio at our places and still we are unable to sit outside because of unexpected rain or too much heat. In order to make sure that you would be able to enjoy all types of weather outside with your friends and family, it is recommended to have patio covers installed. It will also help you to give a new look to backyard. However, it has been observed that many people find it difficult when they are looking for new ideas to install patio covers because most of the people have traditional kind of covers. Therefore, in this article, I will mention new ideas to install these covers.

My first idea is to use arbor as a patio cover which is usually made up of wood or metal. It is a simple framework or a structure supported by vertically erected columns.It can also used to support the growth of plants like orchids that require support while growing. The top part of arbor should be a matrix of lightweight beams. You can even plant or hang creepers and orchids on the structure, once the arbor has been installed and the roof is erected properly. However in this case, you cannot use patio while it is raining as arbor patio cover does not protect the patio from rain. Therefore, it is recommended to use light weight compatible roof to prevent the raining from falling on the patio.

My second idea is to cover the whole patio in a way that it would look like a room with huge French doors and roof totally cover up. It may sound weird but you can use this type of patio in any kind of weather and you can even put your electronics devices such as computers or televisions in this type of patio.

My third and last idea is to use “sail away” method to install patio covers which is very unconventional approach. Generally sail is a piece of canvas which is hundred percent waterproof and it can be attached to supporting pools or can be tied to the top of arbor to make your perfect patio. As sail can be easily be tied up and can be removed, it can be a very convenient way to have a portable patio covers anytime you would want. You can also use this technique to have patio umbrellas and by choosing different colors and sizes in umbrellas, you can make it look very different and attract.